Welcome to CRYPTO DE CORAL©!!!, One of 1337umbra's branch projects, aiming on CRYPTOCURRENCY or Respective being wealthier

Some people might think this is a play of a known catering group in Hong Kong, I am not here discussing catering, This place is about how to be greedier.

It is said, there is a market called Bitcoin against dollars or bucks, drained from twenty grand to four grand for the time being. Now, What would you think about the performance? ROSE or DROP?

It is said, there are some bogus players, so think wise, only put you afford to lose.

I think there are three things for you, although some content is bit old, still useful and for amusement, content is on the way. By the way, you can find the same information at my github

For enquiry or other matters, It is welcome to send email to contact@cryptodecoral.com. If you like to get the domain name then try asking godaddy® first.